feathers and pebbles

Even though I have tried not to start any new project and finish all the UFOs I have on stock, I could not resist to try paper piecing. I wanted to make some pillow covers for a good friend of mine. It is Mary’s birthday end of this month. I thought it was time to try out a pattern I had for some time on my mind : Feather Bed Quilt by Anna Maria Horner. I must admit I really enjoyed working on this project. The block with 2 feathers is 18″ x 18″ finished and it makes an ideal size for pillows.

When I thought how to quilt the pillow covers I gathered that free motion quilting is the only choice. I copied the shape of the feathers with a brownish thread and went for a pebble pattern for the background. As I haven’t done free motion quilting for some I changed my piecing foot to a free motion foot and started practicing on some scraps. I am happy with the result, free motion quilting requires a lot of practice. I have some days off in August and practicing free motion quilting will be on the top of my agenda.

Here the 2 different pillow covers :

feather pillows 1 - skalabara

feather pillows 2 - skalabaraA quilting detail – copying the feather shape and pebbles for the background :

feather pillows detail fmq - skalabaraFor the back side of the pillow covers I choose a beige/gold fabric and a zipper closure :

feather pillows collage - skalabaraHope you are having a wonderful summer, Barbora

a thank you for my sister-in-law

During our stay in August in Germany we were warmly welcomed by my sister-in-law Doris and her family. We got pampered and sought after like real royals. It was a holiday to remember. So I decided to make a Christmas table runner for Doris as a thank you. This one shall be in the mail by Wednesday.

xmas table runner for Doris - skalabara.com

And my dear friend Irena wanted a “neutral” table runner for her daughter-in-law. One, that she can use all year around, with no Christmas motives. Once more I have used Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

funky table runner for Irena - skalabara.com

I have also written a short pattern just with material required, cutting and design – Funky Table Runner, a pdf file.

I can’t believe that we already have October, up to now we have had a super weather year. September was nearly too warm and I still go swimming every day. Take care, thanks for stopping, Barbora

saturday agenda change and WIP

Saturday is normally our shopping day. First we visit the street market in Almoradi, have a nice coffee and a second breakfast in a café bar and then do the grocery shopping in a nearby supermarket. So far so good. We have done the same this Saturday and as we came back at midday the wind grew slowly stronger. And then came a gust – but what a gust. The rain didn’t come down, it was pushed horizontally by the wind. In these 1-2 minutes my husband’s amateur radio antenna came down.


Luckily with help of 2 friends the antenna got sorted out and Helmut can now start with new antenna designs. The tower needs some work, but all is manageable and shall be done next week. Instead of working on my quilts I helped to clear the antenna “disaster” and did a lot of sweeping around the house. I didn’t know that pine trees can have so many needles that fall down.

I have some unfinished stuff and I am working hard to get it done :

  1. Second quilt for my mum’s armchair and some new cushion covers for the living room
  2. Blocks for a new quilt – using The Birds and The Bees Collection from Tula pink
  3. Custom quilt with a Pinwheel design – using Notting Hill Collection by Joel Dewberry
  4. Preparing the Swoon pattern for a quilt as you go project
  5. And not to forget my UFOs, that I want to finish this year (need to find them as they are well hidden in the closet)

WIP january

lollipop II quilttop

Enough work for the coming days, take care and happy quilting,


fire & ice quilt is getting into shape

In my last post I introduced the fire block. Now it is time to have a look on the ice block.


The colors are cool, reminding of floating icebergs near the poles.  This block put together with pieces from 2 different log cabin or better said courthouse steps block. I have finished the top, now I am waiting for the batting to arrive. In the meantime I have time to decide what kind of fabrics I shall take for the backing. Should I stick to the solids or get a fabric with a bright pattern?

fire & ice quilt top

Anyway, I am happy with the result. This was my very first time that I worked entirely with solids. It was a pleasure selecting the colors, Kona solids are available in so many wonderful shades and hues.

I have also finished one more MINI pattern :  Happy Birthday Quilt for this little couch throw.

In the meantime I shall work on a baby quilt – looking forward to work on something smaller!!

Thanks for stopping, Barbora

fire & ice quilt and star gaze variation

One more photo from Star Gaze quilt classes – this one is from Mary. The colors reflect the Spanish flag. Guess what colors it has – yes, red and yellow.

star gaze quilt by mary

On the other hand I have finished writing the quilt pattern “Fire & Ice” for the classes. I have pieced nearly all the blocks, over the weekend I should be able to sew the quilt top together. This time it is a “quicker” quilt. Both cutting and piecing is not so time consuming as with the Star Gaze quilt. I have opted for log cabin and bento box blocks. Both blocks are good for practicing – not only precise cutting but also precise sewing. Here a preview of the “fire” log cabin block :

fire log cabin block

The finished blocks are 12″ x 12″. I have written this pattern either for a single (60″ x 84″) or for a double bed (84″ x 84″). As soon as I have my quilt finished, I shall update my pattern section and post a pdf.

One more word to the fabrics. All are Kona Solids from Robert Kaufman. The colors are exceptional, love the warm reds, pinks and oranges. But my favorite ones are in the bento box block – you can see them in my next post!!

Happy quilting, Barbora