luxor throw basted and FMQ with meanders

Finally I had enough time to finish the quilt top, select the backing fabric, prepare the quilt sandwich and get down on my knees to do the pinning. You can’t really see the basting pins on the photo, but believe you me, they are there!!

luxor sandwich

Whilst walking the dog I did some thinking about how to finish this throw. Should I stick to the walking foot and follow the ziggy zaggy pattern or should I get out the quilting foot and do some FMQ? After considering all pros and cons with both techniques I decided to quilt with a meander pattern in FMQ. Looking through my “quilting thread stock” I picked up a light pink Mettler 40wt quilting thread. This the result of my quilting session this afternoon (a quarter done) :

luxor meanders

luxor back

More quilting tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and the day after …. Anyway looking forward to do the binding.

Thanks for stopping, have a wonderful Sunday,


New Stash in the Old Year

Not only have I bought new fresh and modern fabrics in Prague but also a few colourful machine quilting threads from Gutermann and Mettler.

Look at these dots – aren’t they beautiful? And the tasty cakes, and the colourful cats!!

The Mettler thread is made in Spain, but I cannot find a place to buy it local. So made in Spain it travels to the Czech Republic and then back with me to Alicante in Spain. What a crazy world – or is this called GLOBAL ?!

Just before Christmas a thick envelope arrived from the States. Thanks for the good and quick service at Hawthorne Threads I have received a full fat quarter bundle from the Echo Collection by Lotta Jansdotter. I just love the golden-yellow shades as well as the grey ones. Cannot wait to start a new quilt.

And the matching quilting threads (once more brought from Prague) :

Keep on dreaming of new ideas, new work and new projects – it is all worth it!