blocks and a sandwich

My work life is still a bit hectic, with more appointments as usual, so patchwork is on a hold. But I finally got to start the Skill Builder BOM blocks. I have pieced the first 6 blocks, haven’t decided yet on the quilting design. I suppose there is no hurry. Got the backing fabric – a wonderful flowery design in a rich orange, wadding is waiting on the shelf. Wednesday is a public holiday, so I shall have time for quilting.BOM 6 blocks

Fire and Ice quilt top has sat in the cupboard for a few months. Since it has rained for a few days (very unusual for this time of year), I got it out and made a quilt sandwich. Once more  this top has a floral backing fabric – with tulips.

fire and ice sandwich

Lots to quilt – my days will be “quilty” busy, looking forward to that.

Thanks for visiting, have a nice week, Barbora

saturday agenda change and WIP

Saturday is normally our shopping day. First we visit the street market in Almoradi, have a nice coffee and a second breakfast in a café bar and then do the grocery shopping in a nearby supermarket. So far so good. We have done the same this Saturday and as we came back at midday the wind grew slowly stronger. And then came a gust – but what a gust. The rain didn’t come down, it was pushed horizontally by the wind. In these 1-2 minutes my husband’s amateur radio antenna came down.


Luckily with help of 2 friends the antenna got sorted out and Helmut can now start with new antenna designs. The tower needs some work, but all is manageable and shall be done next week. Instead of working on my quilts I helped to clear the antenna “disaster” and did a lot of sweeping around the house. I didn’t know that pine trees can have so many needles that fall down.

I have some unfinished stuff and I am working hard to get it done :

  1. Second quilt for my mum’s armchair and some new cushion covers for the living room
  2. Blocks for a new quilt – using The Birds and The Bees Collection from Tula pink
  3. Custom quilt with a Pinwheel design – using Notting Hill Collection by Joel Dewberry
  4. Preparing the Swoon pattern for a quilt as you go project
  5. And not to forget my UFOs, that I want to finish this year (need to find them as they are well hidden in the closet)

WIP january

lollipop II quilttop

Enough work for the coming days, take care and happy quilting,


another top pieced and ready to sandwich

This week I wanted to finish my Avenue Loop quilt, but I wasn’t in the mood to work on a large quilt. Saturday I decided that it is the right time to carry on with work and prepare a quilt sandwich. To my surprise I did not have enough batting. Now I have to wait for another week till the shop opens after holidays. Since I haven’t been on the sewing machine for some time, I really wanted to work and make a smaller project (to fit in my rest batting). I found a nice quilt tutorial at Hyacinth Quilt Designs called Sanctuary Squares. I downsized it and used fabrics from the collection Freshcut by Heather Bailey. As solids I chose a bright fuchsia and aqua in light blue/green. The top as well as the backing are now ready, tomorrow I shall make the quilt sandwich. I tried to take a photo this afternoon, but we always have wind – so everything was moving.

Still thinking about the quilting pattern and I am looking forward to finish it.  Anyway, the best part with each quilt is binding (at least for me). And I hope I can bind this one later this week.

Happy quilting, Barbora