red UFO and my sewing room

As my last quilt “Picnic with Bella” was fun (and also quick) to quilt, I decided to have a look in the wardrobe and check those UFOs, i.e. unfinished objects = quilt tops. The first one I found was the Red UFO top, found the matching backing and made a quilt sandwich with basting pins.

red ufo 1 - skalabara. com

red ufo 2 -

This quilt top was sitting on the shelve at least for 4 years. I always loved the quilt design, but my color choice since then has changed very much. These were my beginner years without any knowledge about modern quilting, following the classical color combinations.

I started quilting on Thursday afternoon and today midday I finished the quilt with binding.  Once more I went for free-motion quilting with meanders. As the weather is warm and sunny, but very, very windy I could not take any pictures. I have cleaned up my sewing room and decided to take some photos here. My sewing room is half for me and quilting, and half for the books we have. My husband has a lot of fantasy novels and always has problems finding his favorite book as they are stacked in 2 rows.

sewing room 3 -

sewing room 2 -

sewing room 1 -

Above a close up with my flower photos which are developed on metallic photo paper and have incredible colors. The pair on the left ares my parents about 55 years ago. The 2 small children are my husband Helmut and his sister Waltraud about 65 years ago.

Tomorrow I shall have a day of from sewing, but never the less I can think about my next quilting projects!

Have a nice Sunday, Barbora

luxor throw basted and FMQ with meanders

Finally I had enough time to finish the quilt top, select the backing fabric, prepare the quilt sandwich and get down on my knees to do the pinning. You can’t really see the basting pins on the photo, but believe you me, they are there!!

luxor sandwich

Whilst walking the dog I did some thinking about how to finish this throw. Should I stick to the walking foot and follow the ziggy zaggy pattern or should I get out the quilting foot and do some FMQ? After considering all pros and cons with both techniques I decided to quilt with a meander pattern in FMQ. Looking through my “quilting thread stock” I picked up a light pink Mettler 40wt quilting thread. This the result of my quilting session this afternoon (a quarter done) :

luxor meanders

luxor back

More quilting tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and the day after …. Anyway looking forward to do the binding.

Thanks for stopping, have a wonderful Sunday,


floating colors #2 is ready for quilting

The summer has taken over a we had a few very hot days. Luckily the nights are still a bit cooler, so no need for air-conditioning through the night.

I have worked on my blocks for the MQG Challenge. I am nearly there, just need to do a few small alternations and think about block names.

My second and larger quilt “floating colors” is ready for quilting. This time also I want to combine straight line and free-motion quilting – like on “oh baby, baby #2“.

We are having the house interior painted. This puts the quilting back, but I can always do something on the computer or go a take a few photos of the flowers that are now full in blossom.

Happy quilting, B.

I’ve been listed in the Etsy Spring Lookbook 2012

Yesterday was my lucky day.

When I opened my emails in the morning there were 2 mails

  1. I’ve been listed in the Etsy Spring Lookbook 2012. please use this link to open the online version, my Etsy store Skala Bara is on page 74!
  2. I’ve been asked if I would be interested in participating in a project to help girls in Romania by sending a 8×8″ block. This is also something new for me and I looking forward to do it. Please find more information on this blog:

I’ve had also a check at the hospital and I am in total remission with my lymphoma. Thanks God, everything is OK 9 months after finishing with my chemo.

And last but not least – my hubby Helmut invited my for meal at our local Indian restaurant. And this means no cooking in the evening, hurrah, hurrah.

Here more info about the Rock Around the Clock Quilt or a quick tutorial how to make a sandwich:

  1. Spread the backing right side down on the floor. Tape it firmly to the floor (using strips of painter’s tape), the fabric is completely smooth. Remember : both backing and batting should be approx. 1″ bigger on each side than the quilt top.
  2. Detail of taping. I use the tile grouts as orientation lines for positioning the quilt backing and top.
  3. Spread the batting on top of the backing and smooth out any wrinkles.
  4. Spread the (well ironed)  top on the batting. Starting from the centre smooth out any wrinkles. Watch the correct alignment of the backing and top. this is your last chance for correction before pinning. I use curved safety pins, start from the centre and pin carefully through all 3 layers (backing, batting, quilt top). Once you have pinned the entire sandwich remove the tape, fold the sandwich and you can start quilting!

At the moment I am thinking about the quilting style for this special top. Should I go for free-motion quilting (with less experience) or for straight lines with a walking foot? Since I have not decided yet, I started a new project with the same wonderful batik fabrics, it is a HST Quilt.

More info next time, happy sewing


Tutorial : Oven Mitts Chilli Pepper

First of all I am happy to be back in Spain. We have sunshine and mild temperatures for this time of the year. And imagine, in 2 weeks time we are already in 2012.

Anyway, back to the tutorial. Photo of the finished oven mitts :

Pair of Oven Mitts Chilli Pepper

Materials  – quantity for a pair of oven mitts:

  • 4x pieces of  decoration fabric, size 9,5″ x 10″ (I have opted for solid orange and a chilli pepper pattern fabric)
  • 4x Insul-Bright from the Warm Company or any other heat-resistant batting, size 9,5″ x 10″
  • 4x 100% cotton batting, size 9,5″ x 10
  • 4x cotton muslin or other cotton fabric for backing, size 9,5″ x 10″
  • approx. 1 yard ½ inch (1.27 cm) double fold bias tape for binding and hanging loops
  • coordinating cotton thread for sewing and quilting

Oven mitt pattern – see the proximate size on the cutting board:


Press and cut all fabrics and batting.

Making a sandwich: place first the backing fabric, wrong side up. Next cotton batting, than heat-resistant batting (check instructions from producer, which side up), finally the decoration fabric.


Baste the layers together and choose color of the quilting thread :


Check once more the size and think about the quilting pattern.


I have opted for vertical (on the chilli fabric) and horizontal (orange) lines :


Square both sandwiches, orange and chilli fabric facing each other on the inside and mark the oven mitt pattern. Bast all layers together :


Sew around the marked line, on the thumb side leave approx. 4″ open (no seam yet), trim both mitts.


Now take the bias tape and start at the thumb side, where the seam is still open. Fold it and make with it a binding around the mitt. Forgot to make pics – silly me!!

Cut approx 6″ of the bias tape, fold and sew together to make a hanging loop. Pin the loop on the inside of the mitt and finish sewing the still open seam on the thumb side.

Turn around – you have made it !!