favorite panorama

Even though I left Prague many, many years ago, it is still my favorite city and I always love to come back, Walk through the historic quarters, visit cultural events and meet friends. So why write to many words – here some photos :

prague panorama with castle - skalabara.com

prague panorama petrin park - skalabara.com

Moldau river in the front, Kampa Park behind and Petrin Park on the hill with a small copy of the Eifel Tower build right at the top. A few impressions of the Lesser Town (Mala Strana) situated under the Prague Castle.

prague impressions - skalabara.com

I have taken last photos in the passage of Adria Palace which is on the Corner of Narodni and Jungmanova streets.

mosaic in prague - skalabara.com

I am enjoying the time with my Mum and quilting can wait. The weather in Prague is very warm for this time of the year and we have had a lot of sunshine.

Thanks for visiting, until next time and enjoy life, Barbora

just photos

Yesterday evening I have arrived back home from Prague. The weather there was warm for this time of year, Thursday and Friday the thermometer climbed even up to 17ºC (62F). Last year there was snow in the streets. We had some short showers, but I had to get out the umbrella only once. Here in Spain we have a stable weather condition since many weeks with clear skies and sunshine. The other day I read in the newspaper that we have had the warmest October since about 120 years. Nevermind the weather : there is no bad weather – it all depends on what you are wearing.

Here a few impressions from Prague 2 – Namesti Miru (Peace Square) with the neo gothic church of St. Ludmila and Vinohrady Theatre:

church of st. ludmila prague 2 - skalabara.com

namesti miru prague 2 - skalabara.com

namesti miru prague 2 - skalabara.com

Nearby the square you can find the old market hall (and before a factory) – today wonderfully restored and converted into a shop with designer furniture. Name : Vinohradska Trznice, found on the web under Pavilon.


Before going on my trip I was happy to make some photos of starlings on the move. I haven´t seen before so may birds in the air, very impressive.

starlings on the move - skalabara.com

starlings on the move - skalabara.com

All photos taken with my iPhone 4. Hope I shall have some time for sewing and that my next post shall be about a new quilt (who knows), anyway thanks for stopping,


back home from prague

The summer heat coming from Africa has spread through entire Europe. It doesn’t really matter where you are : in Prague or here in Spain. My one week vacation went sooooo quickly. I have enjoyed staying with Mum and didn’t even have time to look for some new patchwork fabrics. Here a few impressions from the Prague Castle – Hradcany area – I couldn’t believe that I managed to take pictures without any tourists :hidden secrets at prague castleThe next photos are from the quarter Vinohrady  with a house of prayer of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church called Husuv Sbor.  Just next to it is an original water tower that is now converted into apartments.

water tower and husuv sbor

My next projects are waiting for me – but should I get the machine out and start sewing or should I take a short (extended) holiday at home?

Thanks for stopping, happy sewing wherever you are, Barbora

more snow

Since living for so long in south-east Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea, we hardly ever see snow. In all the 20 years we had snow just once – on the mountain tops approx. 30 km in land. And it stayed only for a day. Snow is like a coin for me : on one side I am fascinated with this white layer of something magical; on the other side I hate it – it is cold and wet.

Anyway, I could not resist to take some more photos.

prague snow 1

prague snow 2

prague snow 3

Hope this snow will melt quickly and warm spring will soon take over from winter!

Thanks for visiting, Barbora

a few photos from prague

Yesterday I came back home from Prague. I sorted out the pictures I made and would like to share my impressions of the city (or the neighborhood area where I used to live). This is not far away from the castle Hradcany, but not many tourist come to see these secluded spots.

The above picture is a caption in the park Kampa, near the Moldau river. A happy guy was drinking wine and sleeping his siesta.

Whilst my stay in the Czech Republic we also went to the summer-house of my uncle Ales and I discovered a nice portrait of my grandmother painted by my grandfather.

Now it is time to get back to my patchwork and quilting projects, the sewing machine is already waiting. I also had some time for fabric shopping – more about new stash in my next post