fire & ice quilt finished

It’s done : Fire & Ice quilt is finally finished! I have “cheated” a bit with the quilting. The last few quilts were in free-motion technique. So this time I decided to work with the walking foot. The wave or serpentine is a standard stitch on the Bernina 440. Never tried before, but I have seen some quilts with this finishing and I thought this would break the strict geometrical pattern.

fire & ice

fire & ice detail

fire & ice backing

fire & ice binding

The finished size is 60″ x 84″. I just love the blue tulips backing fabric from Fabric Freedom.

Happy quilting, Barbora

6 comments on “fire & ice quilt finished

  1. vivjm says:

    Stunning quilt!! I think the serpentine stitch is just perfect with the geometric pattern.


  2. Genie says:

    I love those colors!


  3. You’ve achieved a lovely effect with this quilt. And if using a walking foot is cheating, then I will surely be sent to the principal’s office. I like the effect of the serpentine stitch. After all, we paid for those decorative stitches, so we might as well use them.


    • skalabara says:

      Maybe its not cheating, but it went definitely faster than free-motion quilting!! The effect came out really well.


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