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This blog is moving site, you can find me now on the new web address :


First of all I would like to thank Jessie from Jessie Wyatt Design for designing my new website. I have worked with Jessie in the past and I knew that I can rely on her skills. She did a great job and now it is my turn to get familiar with the new website bits and pieces that I have to manage. Modern communication is a wonderful thing : even though Jessie lives in Kentucky and me in Spain, the entire process went smoothly and quickly.

I started this blog six years ago when I discovered the wonderful world of patchwork and quilting and over the years it became more than just a hobby. So now not only that I piece and quilt (as I do for many years), but I have started giving patchwork and quilting classes at the local shop : Kate´s Crafts and Quilting in Torrevieja. At the moment I have open classes with each lady student working on a different project. With many nationalities living in this area I give classes in spanish, english and german (and czech if there is interest).

On the new website I have a shop with my quilts for sale. New is also the link to my Facebook page : Skalabara Quilts. So, over the last few weeks it was more computer work than piecing and quilting. And not to forget my part-time job as translator and interpreter.

Please visit and follow me on my new website :


Have a wonderful weekend, Barbora

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  1. Teje says:

    Great news, Barbora! All the best for your work! x Teje

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