sneak peek – levitating jewel box quilt

Since I have received the Liberty London fabrics I was thinking about a quilt design. I knew I wanted to make two quilts, one for my husband and the other one for me. The choice for the background fabric was easy : Kona cotton solid in silver for my husband and Kona cotton solid in eggshell for my quilt.

levitating liberty jewel box quilt 5 - skalabara quilts

On the following sheet you can see the quilt design evolution. These are not all designs I was playing with, but you can see the direction going towards the final quilt design.

19 liberty quilt designs

Butterfly charm block paper piecing – this is the link to free paper pieced butterflies  designed by Nicole from lillyella. I was also thinking integrating a few butterflies into the quilt design. At the end I decided against – so many tiny pieces, maybe next time, need more FPP practice and patience.

My final design decision : the jewel box blocks look as they are levitating over a silver background. This design (in my eyes) is lighter as the one with only blocks quilt design without any borders.

19 B jewel box liberty FINAL

So far I have pieced the silver version. I shall post more details about the jewel box block and quilt size shortly.

levitating liberty jewel box quilt 1 - skalabara quilts

levitating liberty jewel box quilt 3 - skalabara quilts

levitating liberty jewel box quilt 2 - skalabara quilts

levitating liberty jewel box quilt 4 - skalabara quilts

At the moment I am working on some other projects, more about that next time. Untill then happy quilting!

barbora  flower small skalabara quilts



8 comments on “sneak peek – levitating jewel box quilt

  1. Timelesslady says:

    Gorgeous! I’m in awe of those who have the talent and patience to create a heirloom that will last for decades and perhaps even longer.


  2. Beautiful! I like the float effect – gives a fresh, open look. I did this for a summer in the park pattern but sadly, the quilt is still a UFO. You’ve inspired me to take it out and finish it. Thank you for showing your design process.


    • barbora says:

      You are welcome! Sometimes you have to put a quilt to the side untill some new inspiration comes! Good luck with the UFO, hope to see it finished soon!


  3. I like the floating effect. You can think of your floral fabrics as on the surface of a pond.

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  4. Rosemaryflower says:

    Oh this is beautiful Barbora. I love the design and of course the incredible fabrics
    Absolutely stunning and superb work by you!!! Keeping busy ❤️

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