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This blog is moving site, you can find me now on the new web address :


First of all I would like to thank Jessie from Jessie Wyatt Design for designing my new website. I have worked with Jessie in the past and I knew that I can rely on her skills. She did a great job and now it is my turn to get familiar with the new website bits and pieces that I have to manage. Modern communication is a wonderful thing : even though Jessie lives in Kentucky and me in Spain, the entire process went smoothly and quickly.

I started this blog six years ago when I discovered the wonderful world of patchwork and quilting and over the years it became more than just a hobby. So now not only that I piece and quilt (as I do for many years), but I have started giving patchwork and quilting classes at the local shop : Kate´s Crafts and Quilting in Torrevieja. At the moment I have open classes with each lady student working on a different project. With many nationalities living in this area I give classes in spanish, english and german (and czech if there is interest).

On the new website I have a shop with my quilts for sale. New is also the link to my Facebook page : Skalabara Quilts. So, over the last few weeks it was more computer work than piecing and quilting. And not to forget my part-time job as translator and interpreter.

Please visit and follow me on my new website :


Have a wonderful weekend, Barbora

easy sewing machine cover

My friend Kate’s birthday was coming quickly and I didn’t have a clue what to give her for her special day. With a bit of luck I found out that she doesn’t have a sewing machine cover for her new Bernina. Kate is a lover of all Kaffe Fassett fabric designs (same as me). So this was an easy decision to make : quilt a colorful sewing machine cover.

Fabric choice was all clear. But what about the pattern? Normal piecing, paper piecing or even appliqué design? At the end it was a n easy decision : I prefer colorful fabrics and easy patterns. So I took measurements of my Bernina and went for squares – charm pack size 5″ x 5″. A layout of 4 x 6 rows, i.e. 24 different squares all in bright reds, pinks and oranges.

sewing machine cover 1 - skalabara

After piecing the squares I made a sandwich and quilted the sewing machine cover with wavy lines using the walking foot. I have added 4 straps and the binding. Voila, here we have the finished cover. I have tested it on my sewing machine if the cover fits well. From the front :

sewing machine cover 2 - skalabara

and from the back :

sewing machine cover 3 - skalabara

Quilting detail :

sewing machine cover detail - skalabara

Backing and quilting :

sewing machine cover backing - skalabara

Have a nice day and happy quilting,


santini’s architecture in western bohemia

During my last visit to Prague I went with my Mum on a day trip through western Bohemia to see some works of the architect Jan Santini Aichel (1677 – 1723). All the sites we have visited are very impressing, specially knowing that the author is nearly 300 years dead. The ground plans of this baroque architect show many star variations.

First stop was at Hubenov visiting a farm-house that is in private hands. The owners started with the restoration work with lot of enthusiasm and patience.

santini - hubenov 1

santini - hubenov 2

Our second stop was at Marianska Tynice – a pilgrimage site near the monastery in Plasy.

santini - mariansaka tynice view

santini - marianska tynice collage

In a small village Mladotice we visited a chapel.

santini - mladotice

The interesting thing about this chapel is that the exterior and interior perimeters are the same. The outside walls are very smooth, but in the interior the walls follow a star pattern.


The last stop was at the monastery in Kladruby. Very impressing, the church is a real hidden gem.

santini - kladruby church

santini - kladruby church detail

santini - kladruby collage

Hope you have enjoyed a photo visit to the architectural treasures of western Bohemia and maybe one day, you shall visit them personally.

Thanks for stoping, Barbora

more quilt photos from ppm

As promised in my last post I would like to share with you a few more quilt photos from the X. Prague Patchwork Meeting.

ppm modern star

ppm paper pieced stars

ppm circles and grids

ppm grills

ppm reflection 1

ppm reflection 2

ppm reflection 3

ppm jeans quilts

Hope you enjoyed the short but inspiring photo visit to the X. Prague Patchwork Meeting. Happy stitching and till next time,



new stash from ppm

What is PPM? It is Prague Patchwork Meeting and it was held this year for the tenth time. It takes place each year on the first weekend in April. As I haven’t to this meeting since many years, I thought it was time to go back and enjoy the exhibition as well as the fabric shops concentrated all on one site. There was lots see – wonderful patchwork quilts as well as art quilts. I’ll be posting some photos after the stash ones.

These are all the new fabrics I got :

stash from ppm - skalabara

I love the two FQ bundles with different colors and patterns from the Sun Prints collection by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics. The colors are so rich a saturated, you can see each thread on the photos.

sun print collection in reds by alisson glass for andover - skalabara


sun print collection by alisson glass for andover - skalabara

I couldn’t pass a shop with Kaffe Fassett prints without buying a few of them. Love the colors as well as the designs.

kaffe fassett prints - skalabara

I didn’t have any grey fabrics in my collection and I found some wonderful shades, exactly what I was looking for. And some Ivory from Kona Solids – there are never enough neutrals in a stash.

greys from anover and makower and ivory from kona solids - skalabara

Lime and oranges are always handy colors, bright and shiny.

fatquartes in yellow and orange and lime from kona solids - skalabara

So now is time to share some photos from the Prague Patchwork Meeting exhibition. I only took photos of the quilts I really liked. They are more art quilts then ordinary every day ones, but interesting to see. The following piece of art called Metamorphosis is my very favorite. The theme and idea, colors, precise quilting – all matches perfectly.

ppm metamorphosis 1

ppm metamorphosis 3

ppm alerchino

ppm jeans quilts shark

ppm quilt from poland

ppm traditional fabrics

ppm traditional fabrics 1

ppm colorful quilt

ppm circles

I shall post a few more photos from the Prague Patchwork Meeting next time.


Wishing all followers and readers a wonderful weekend, happy stitching,