cushion covers with granny square blocks

This year was a year of refurbishing and renovations at our house. We have bought some new furniture pieces, got new upholstery fabric for the sofa and painted the rooms in bright hues. And it was also time to change the cushion covers in all rooms. These are for the spare bedroom.

cushion cover granny squares 6 - skalabara quilts

cushion cover granny squares 5 - skalabara quilts

I have made two cushion covers – both sides have a block pattern and are quilted. The pattern is a classical granny square block, only the layout direction is different.

The cushion cover below has 3″ squares finished size, i.e. square cutting size is 3 1/2″. I have quilted this cushion cover on the left and right from each seam in straight lines with the walking foot.

cushion cover granny squares 3 - skalabara quilts

The same block but different size of the squares – this time the finished squares are 2 1/2″, i.e. square cutting size is 3″. I have quilted this cushion cover using the walking foot with a wavy pattern in horizontal and vertical lines.

cushion cover granny squares 1 - skalabara quilts

The other two cushion covers have the granny square block set in a vertical/horizontal layout. The finished square size is 2″, i.e. cutting square size is 2 1/2″. I have quilted both with the walking foot in straight lines on the diagonal.

cushion cover granny squares 4 - skalabara quilts

cushion cover granny squares 2 - skalabara quilts

Quilting in detail :

cushion cover granny squares 7 detail - skalabara quilts

cushion cover granny squares 8 detail - skalabara quilts

I have added the zipper closure on the bottom of the cushion covers.

cushion cover granny squares 9 zipper - skalabara quilts

The cushion covers are 20″ x 20″ – a standard cushion inlet size.

Solids are from Kona Cotton collection, background fabric is magenta from the Linen Texture collection by Makower UK.

Quilting thread is Gütermann Sulky Cotton 30 in different colours.

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Happy quilting, barbora   flower small skalabara quilts

tri bull block – paper piecing

More foundation paper piecing going on this year. When I saw this block on Craftsy, I thought that the design is so pure and modern. And as I live in Spain, a bull would be the perfect addition to all the other quilted animal blocks I have made. Many thanks to Jo from Unicornharts for the pattern.

tri bull paper piecing block - skalabara quilts

As first I pieced the block on the right  (the one with the fly on it), just grabbed a few favourite Kona Solids from the box and started sewing. The pattern is straight forward with easy to follow instructions. I took the colours from the staple top to bottom, without any plan. I do like the way the block turned out, but was not happy with the colour order. So I went to plan B and though more about the colour design. Instead of 5 colours as on the right, I added one more hue and placed the colors in a graduating order.

tri bull paper piecing block 1 - skalabara quilts

Capture of the block back :

tri bull paper piecing block back 1 - skalabara quilts

tri bull paper piecing block back 2 - skalabara quilts

Instead of glueing to paper pieces together, I prefer to sew them together with the machine – see right side. Before I sew the individual pieces together, I tear off the paper on the seam. This makes it easier to press the seams (normally) open.

An detailed photos of the block:

tri bull paper piecing block detail 1 - skalabara quilts

tri bull paper piecing block detail 2 - skalabara quilts

As next I have to decide how to finish the blocks – both on the final block size and the quilting.

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the little cockatoo

Earlier this year we have painted the living room and when I took down the pictures from the walls, I decided that not all of them are going back. Reading a magazine I came over some wonderful bird photos by Leila Jeffreys. I thought this was a perfect idea how to re-decorate a lounge wall! I bought 2 cockatoo photos on Etsy, got them printed and framed. When I was looking for other paper piecing blocks, I found the matching motif : cockatoo paper piecing block by Quiet Play .

cockatoo cushion cover - skalabara quiltsBoth the front with the cockatoo block as well as the back of the cushion cover are quilted using the walking foot and Gütermann Sulky Cotton 30 thread.

cockatoo cushion cover back- skalabara quiltsSize :  16″ x 16″ / 40 x 40 cm – a standard inlet cushion size. Quilting details of the cockatoo and the cushion cover backing :

cockatoo cushion cover detail quilting - skalabara quilts

cockatoo cushion cover back quilting - skalabara quiltsI have finished this cushion cover with a zipper on the bottom :

cockatoo cushion cover zipper- skalabara quilts

Happy quilting,

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unicorn #2 cushion cover

When my husband’s niece Andrea saw a photo of the unicorn cushion cover for Kate, she revealed that she also loves unicorns. This was shouting for one more unicorn project! Since my paper piecing skills got better, I decided that I need a more challenging unicorn pattern. So I got on the web and found a unicorn pattern with more pieces – designed by Robynie from Robynieland.

rainbow unicorn 2 - skalabara quilts

I had the pattern a few days just on the computer before I had the right spirit to start with the project. The only question I asked Andrea, was what color she would like for the background. Andrea went for turquoise to match her other cushions and decoration elements in her lounge.

rainbow unicorn 1 - skalabara quilts

I have used fabrics from the 2016 collection designed by Alison Glass – the same as for the “Et Dömsche” placemats.

Once the piecing was done I had to decide on the quilting design. At the moment I prefer quilting with the walking foot and thought that quilting each color of the mane and face separately would underline the fabulous unicorn design. I got out my box with the quilting threads and selected the matching colors.

rainbow unicorn back 1 - skalabara quilts

All threads used are either Gütermann Sulky Cotton 30 or King Tut quilting thread from Superior Threads.

rainbow unicorn detail 1 - skalabara quilts

rainbow unicorn detail 2 - skalabara quilts

rainbow unicorn detail 3 - skalabara quilts

And a few detail photos from the back :

rainbow unicorn back detail 1 - skalabara quilts

rainbow unicorn back detail 2 - skalabara quilts

rainbow unicorn back detail 3 - skalabara quilts

I was so keen to send the unicorn cushion cover and the “Et Dömsche” placemats that I forgot to take photos of the finished cushion cover. I have used the turquoise solid fabric also for the back and I have quilted with straight lines using the walking foot.

Thanks for stopping and happy quilting

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more paper piecing

Some time ago I have seen the “Et Dömsche” block by Dorthe from lalala patchwork quilting & more and I knew exactly for whom I wanted to make it! The “Et Dömsche” is a nickname for the cathedral in Cologne/Germany.

I thought directly of my sister-in-law and her husband, they live near Cologne and are big fans of the city.  I decided to make 2 placemats using the block pattern.

cathedral cologne block place mats - skalabara quilts

cathedral cologne block 2 - skalabara quilts

cathedral cologne block 1 - skalabara quilts

I have used colorful fabrics designed by Alison Glass from here 2016 collection.

cathedral cologne block detail 1 - skalabara quilts

cathedral cologne block detail 2 - skalabara quilts

As an extra to the block I have added the German name for Cologne : Köln. The letter patterns are by Sheryl from Temecula Quilt Company – Little Farmer, all posts labeled Little Letters. All letter designs are free and have a nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

cathedral cologne block detail 3 - skalabara quilts

cathedral cologne block detail 4 - skalabara quilts

My sister-in-law was really exited when she received the placemats as it was a total surprise to her. (But actually it was a postponed Christmas present.)

Happy quilting,

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