morning walks are my favorite

On the calendar we have nearly end of October and I just can’t believe the wonderful weather we still have. My favorite time of the day is early morning when go out with the dog. Sometimes I am on the road exactly when the sun comes up, sometimes still in the dark and sometimes just to late to enjoy the walk. The air is clear, no traffic on the streets,  other dogs and their owners still in bed or at the breakfast table. Sometimes the fog covers the sun and all the surroundings and I have to look well for my doggy. And than I find him totally wet from dew on the grass and shrubs that we pass on our morning walk.

sunrise in october -

morning impression - october morning flowers -

october sun -

But lets look on the darker side of life. The world crisis has left also some traces in our region. Infrastructure once ready for building more houses has been overtaken by nature. I have found a tree growing out of the water distribution box or a new pine tree fighting for life on wasteland.

nature and wasteland -

nature versus wasteland -

Let me finish this post with another quote I found on the web. This one is by Buddha :


So this time, happy thinking …… Barbora