quilt finish with liberty fabrics

Over the weekend, I have finished the levitating jewel box quilt #2. There are a few first times with this quilt:

  • first time quilt with Liberty London fabrics – Tana Lawn Cotton
  • first time quilt using wool wadding
  • first time quilt using IKEA Bomull calico for the backing

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 11 - skalabara quilts

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 12 - skalabara quilts

I have a positive experience using tana lawn cotton fabrics by Liberty London for quilts. The fabrics are very thin, or better said ultra fine, but they are not as delicate as I thought. The tana lawns are strong and durable. When touching a tana lawn fabric, it feels like silk. And also has the same properties as silk: cooling in summer and warming in winter.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 16 - skalabara quilts

I have quilted this piece with straight lines on the quilt diagonal. As usual, I have used the walking foot. The wool wadding is higher and loftier than a cotton one, but was easy to quilt. At first I was afraid that I did not use enough basting pins. That the entire sandwich would move when quilting, but there was no problem at all. The stitching went straight forward, the top and backing fabric didn’t move at all.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 15 - skalabara quilts

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 17 - skalabara quilts

I also used the same background fabric for the binding. This avoids distraction from the nice and colourful tana lawns and the quilt pattern.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 19 - skalabara quilts

As mentioned above I have used the Bomull unbleached calico from IKEA as the backing fabric. The fabric width is exactly what I needed, and the colour is a natural beige.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 14 - skalabara quilts

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 18 - skalabara quilts

For piecing the top, I used Aurifil Cotton Mako 50/2 colour 2600 light sand.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 13 - skalabara quilts

I took the last photo in this post late afternoon; the sun was already going down. But this photo shows well the wadding loft.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 10 - skalabara quilts

Quilt size : 56″ x 80″  /  Block size : 8″ x 8″

Wadding : Quilters Dream Wool

Quilting thread : Aurifil Cotton Mako 40/2 colour 2600 light sand


Happy quilting

barbora flower small skalabara quilts


Sheila’s quilt – a QAYG project

This time I am writing a post is about Sheila’s quilt, a QAYG project. A project were all pieces are quilted separately and later sewn together with a zigzag stitch. To cover the zigzag we use a thinner decoration strip sewn first on the back and a wider strip sewn on the front. Sheila has pieced and quilted this piece herself. She only asked me to sew the last two long strips because the quilt is getting heavy.

quilt detail sheila - skalabara

This quilt has 12 blocks, each block is 20″ x 20″.  The quilt top is now 60″ x 80″ and it has a perfect size to fit the mattress. The next phase is to add borders for the drop. We have calculated the exact measurements so that the drop borders just about touch the floor. Sheila has used for this QAYG quilt 3 charm packs and a light green solid to make the broken dishes block. Each block has 9 broken dishes units and is finished with a blue border.

quilt top sheila - skalabara

A colorful quilt back. This is QAYG magic!

quilt back sheila - skalabara

Detail of the strips covering the zigzag stitch when sewing the blocks together.

quilt sheila QAYG - skalabara

And some more details of the quilt so far :

quilt sheila collage - skalabara

Have you done QAYG projects? What is your experience? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping, happy quilting!


wip – february 2016

It is exactly a year that I finished the Horizon quilt top. Since then it was waiting on the shelf for further procedure. I had the backing fabrics, but no time to make the sandwich and start quilting. This week I received a bulky parcel from Cottonpatch with a delivery of my favorite wadding : Quilters Dream Cotton Natural Select. So, no more excuses and I started today piecing the backing, got the wadding out of the bag, cleaned the quilt top from loose threads and finally (after a year) made the quilt sandwich.

horizon quilt top 2 - skalabara

horizon quilt top - skalabara

horizon quilt top 3 - skalabara

horizon quilt top 4 - skalabara

horizon quilt top 5 - skalabara


This is what I have on the needles : knitting an easy triangle shawl for cool days in the winter or cool nights in the summer. I am using my last – fourth – ball of Drops Kid-Silk and I hope to finish it soon. The wool is a dream, at first I had to get used to the very thin wool, but now it’s OK. I am knitting on 47″ red lace circulars from Chiaogoo.

on the needles - skalabara

on the needles 2 - skalabara


The only project that I have finished this week was a set of four chair cushions for my friend Jane. She has redecorated her house, red is her favorite color and she wanted some cushion covers to match her new curtains and table runners.

dresden plate cushion cover - skalabara

dresden plate detail - skalabara


I’ll be linking this week with Lets Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts and Needle and Thread Thursday at My Quilt Infatuation.

That is all for today, happy quilting!


janet’s quilt

Time goes by so quickly. Somehow I can’t imagine that it has been more than a month since I wrote my last post. I came back from Prague with a cold that stayed with me very persistently for nearly 3 weeks.

Spring is always a busy time : not only in my working life, but also in private. The house needs a spring clean-up. The dog needs some extra grooming. The garden needs more attention as usual – we did not have any rain for a very long period, it is the driest winter since 150 years.

But I have been more active on Instagram. I have enjoyed taking photos, sharing them with others and looking for new people to follow.

My patchwork and quilting is on the hold at the moment. I have helped Janet with basting her quilt. On this occasion I would like to share with you photos of Janet’s second large quilt. Janet retired a few years ago and she came to live here in Spain. She started quilting just a year ago, without having any big sewing experience. Both of her large quilts she made are in QAYG (quilt as you go) technique. The Lone Star block is the centerpiece of the quilt and is already 60″ x 60″ big.

janets lone star quilt - skalabara.com


When she added borders to the quilt the size grew up to 102″ square. Janet quilted star as well as the borders with the walking foot. The quilt was joined using a method I found on the web : made by ChrisieD.

janet lone star quilt - skalabara.com

I know Janet is very proud of her quilt and she definitely did a very good job!

Until next time, thanks for stopping, Barbora

red UFO and my sewing room

As my last quilt “Picnic with Bella” was fun (and also quick) to quilt, I decided to have a look in the wardrobe and check those UFOs, i.e. unfinished objects = quilt tops. The first one I found was the Red UFO top, found the matching backing and made a quilt sandwich with basting pins.

red ufo 1 - skalabara. com

red ufo 2 - skalabara.com

This quilt top was sitting on the shelve at least for 4 years. I always loved the quilt design, but my color choice since then has changed very much. These were my beginner years without any knowledge about modern quilting, following the classical color combinations.

I started quilting on Thursday afternoon and today midday I finished the quilt with binding.  Once more I went for free-motion quilting with meanders. As the weather is warm and sunny, but very, very windy I could not take any pictures. I have cleaned up my sewing room and decided to take some photos here. My sewing room is half for me and quilting, and half for the books we have. My husband has a lot of fantasy novels and always has problems finding his favorite book as they are stacked in 2 rows.

sewing room 3 - skalabara.com

sewing room 2 - skalabara.com

sewing room 1 - skalabara.com

Above a close up with my flower photos which are developed on metallic photo paper and have incredible colors. The pair on the left ares my parents about 55 years ago. The 2 small children are my husband Helmut and his sister Waltraud about 65 years ago.

Tomorrow I shall have a day of from sewing, but never the less I can think about my next quilting projects!

Have a nice Sunday, Barbora