red UFO and my sewing room

As my last quilt “Picnic with Bella” was fun (and also quick) to quilt, I decided to have a look in the wardrobe and check those UFOs, i.e. unfinished objects = quilt tops. The first one I found was the Red UFO top, found the matching backing and made a quilt sandwich with basting pins.

red ufo 1 - skalabara. com

red ufo 2 -

This quilt top was sitting on the shelve at least for 4 years. I always loved the quilt design, but my color choice since then has changed very much. These were my beginner years without any knowledge about modern quilting, following the classical color combinations.

I started quilting on Thursday afternoon and today midday I finished the quilt with binding.  Once more I went for free-motion quilting with meanders. As the weather is warm and sunny, but very, very windy I could not take any pictures. I have cleaned up my sewing room and decided to take some photos here. My sewing room is half for me and quilting, and half for the books we have. My husband has a lot of fantasy novels and always has problems finding his favorite book as they are stacked in 2 rows.

sewing room 3 -

sewing room 2 -

sewing room 1 -

Above a close up with my flower photos which are developed on metallic photo paper and have incredible colors. The pair on the left ares my parents about 55 years ago. The 2 small children are my husband Helmut and his sister Waltraud about 65 years ago.

Tomorrow I shall have a day of from sewing, but never the less I can think about my next quilting projects!

Have a nice Sunday, Barbora

luxor throw basted and FMQ with meanders

Finally I had enough time to finish the quilt top, select the backing fabric, prepare the quilt sandwich and get down on my knees to do the pinning. You can’t really see the basting pins on the photo, but believe you me, they are there!!

luxor sandwich

Whilst walking the dog I did some thinking about how to finish this throw. Should I stick to the walking foot and follow the ziggy zaggy pattern or should I get out the quilting foot and do some FMQ? After considering all pros and cons with both techniques I decided to quilt with a meander pattern in FMQ. Looking through my “quilting thread stock” I picked up a light pink Mettler 40wt quilting thread. This the result of my quilting session this afternoon (a quarter done) :

luxor meanders

luxor back

More quilting tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and the day after …. Anyway looking forward to do the binding.

Thanks for stopping, have a wonderful Sunday,


blocks and a sandwich

My work life is still a bit hectic, with more appointments as usual, so patchwork is on a hold. But I finally got to start the Skill Builder BOM blocks. I have pieced the first 6 blocks, haven’t decided yet on the quilting design. I suppose there is no hurry. Got the backing fabric – a wonderful flowery design in a rich orange, wadding is waiting on the shelf. Wednesday is a public holiday, so I shall have time for quilting.BOM 6 blocks

Fire and Ice quilt top has sat in the cupboard for a few months. Since it has rained for a few days (very unusual for this time of year), I got it out and made a quilt sandwich. Once more  this top has a floral backing fabric – with tulips.

fire and ice sandwich

Lots to quilt – my days will be “quilty” busy, looking forward to that.

Thanks for visiting, have a nice week, Barbora

more swoons and a new lollipop quilt

I haven’t posted for some time. But this does not mean that I had a lazy week. I have cut, pieced and made a sandwich for quilting the next Lollipop quilt. This time it will be once more straight line quilting with the walking foot in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions.

lollipop III 1

lollipop III 2

Over the weekend I also made 2 pillow covers with the swoon block design for Kate.

swoon kate 2

swoon kate 3

My Lollipop sandwich is now waiting for quilting, till next time


quilt size change – my first dolly quilt

I have finished my very first dolly quilt – what a size difference to the other quilts I made over the last few months. It is a matching set of 2 pillows and a small quilt blanket.

doll quilt with 2 pillows


Now back to normal size quilts. I wonder how your quilt tops look like from the back. I have taken this picture when pressing the top to make the quilt sandwich …

garlands quilt from back

… and here it is all ready for quilting.

garlands quilt

So, free motion quilting and binding is my target for next week.