quilt size change – my first dolly quilt

I have finished my very first dolly quilt – what a size difference to the other quilts I made over the last few months. It is a matching set of 2 pillows and a small quilt blanket.

doll quilt with 2 pillows


Now back to normal size quilts. I wonder how your quilt tops look like from the back. I have taken this picture when pressing the top to make the quilt sandwich …

garlands quilt from back

… and here it is all ready for quilting.

garlands quilt

So, free motion quilting and binding is my target for next week.

6 comments on “quilt size change – my first dolly quilt

  1. Your quilt back is actually quite elegant. Maybe someone, somewhere will decide to make an inside out quilt. That way you could get some interesting fraying, like a rag quilt.


    • skalabara says:

      Thank for your comment. I was just wondering how other quilters deal with fraying. I try to work neatly, but usually I clean all the loose threads.


  2. mlwilkie says:

    The orange, teal and pink go well together – love the colors


  3. I made some play mats and couldn’t believe how quickly they went together 🙂 I love the colours in your second photo. Nice to be reminded of the Summer. It is so cold here we had thick frost this morning brrrrr! Avis x


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