Whirligig Baby Quilt

(85 x 100 cm / 33,5″ x 39″)

This quilt is inspired by Red Pepper Quilts


Hour Glass Baby Quilt for Julia

Julia was born on the 23rd September 2010.

I was happy to surprise my cousin with this orange baby quilt.


Zig Zag


Reflections of the Med

(90 x 120 cm / 35,5″ x 47″)

Like the reflections of the Mediterranean on a hot summer late afternoon.

The is my first project finished with free motion quilting. After a time of considering whether to buy or not to buy a brand new Bernina sewing machine, I decided “YES”. And so since November 2009 I am a proud owner of a Bernina Aurora 440QE. This is about the best buy I ever made.  Easy going, with the possibility to buy many extras. I have had a good time with the machine, but still using the “basics”.


Sun and Water

Both Petrol Squares & Sun and Water are from batik. The hues of the blue are so incredible fine. All batik fabrics have an endless number of color hues. It is hard to choose from the large variety that is on sale in different internet shops.

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