Pillow covers finished 2015

dog gone cute quilt along - skalabara

hedgehog parade pillow covers 3 - skalabara

knitted pillows - skalabara

feather pillows 2 - skalabara

feather pillows 1 - skalabara

black and white hexagons and triangles - skalabara

black and white drunkards path - skalabara

black and white dresdner plate apple core - skalabara

blue bear pillow cover - skalabara.com

green bear pillow cover - skalabara.com

pillow cover half circles - skalabara.com

lulu pillow covers - skalabara.com

persimon pillow covers - skalabara.ocm

pillow cover wonky stars - skalabara.com

pillow in blue log cabin - skalabara.com

pillow in blue hourglass - skalabara.com

pillow in blue flying geese - skalabara.com


Pillow covers finished 2014

drunkard's path pillow 1 - skalabara.com


Pillow covers finished 2013

lollipop III set

swoon pillows for kate

swoon block red - skalabara.com

swoon block - skalabara.com


three little birds


Pillow covers finished 2012

3 pillow covers Lost in Space # 2, 3, 4


Pillow covers finished 2011

Copying Dresdner Plate


Pillow covers finished 2010

A set of  7 pillow covers in orange

I have made this set of pillow covers for our living room. The sofa is a burgundy red and I love  a mixture of dark red, orange and white. The colors are very vivid and the room is much brighter. The cat loves the small sofa – this is the right place to lay when the fireplace is on. Even though I live on the east coast of Spain, winters are cold here. There are high mountains nearby and every time it snows, we can feel the icy winds blowing from the north. This was my project in 2010, finished just before Christmas.

Other projects in 2010:

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