levitating jewel box quilt #2

In my earlier post, I have shown you my #1 levitating jewel box quilt top and shared the quilt design process. I have mentioned that I want to make two complementary quilts. The first one has grey fabric (Kona Solid in silver) for the background. The second one is with a warm light beige (Kona Solid in Eggshell) background fabric.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 4 - skalabara quilts

I finally pieced the top and prepared a quilt sandwich. I use the ironing board to pin rows or longer quilt top sections together. I can raise the board higher than “normal”  table height. And I do not have to bend over when pinning the sections together. And do I use a lot of pins!

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 5 - skalabara quilts

For these two quilts, I decided to use wool wadding for two reasons. 1) to try out something new (to me) and 2) cotton wadding is not warm enough for me. I have ordered at Cottonpatch a king size of Quilters Dream Wool. This wool wadding is very soft and it is higher than the cotton one. It was a pleasure to prepare and pin the quilt sandwich.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 1 - skalabara quilts

I will quilt both quilts using the walking foot in diagonal lines. I have marked the lines using a long ruler and a Hera marker.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 3 - skalabara quilts

Not yet sure if I need to add some more stitching between the marked lines. I am not keen on dense quilting and I can always decide later if the quilt needs more stitching.

levitating liberty jewel box eggshell quilt 2 - skalabara quilts

Thanks for visiting and happy quilting!

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8 comments on “levitating jewel box quilt #2

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  2. Rosemaryflower says:

    This quilt is beautiful. I have a gem quilt (not finished) some where in this house. I should pick it up and finish it. Yours is lovely

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  3. suth2 says:

    Beautiful work.

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  4. I love working with wool batting, though it tends to be loftier than cotton or poly. For a bed cover, that’s a plus. Yes, don’t over quilt as it can cause a stiff quilt. All those florals are so spring like.

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    • barbora says:

      Good to hear that you have experience with wool batting. It is definetely loftier and softer, but the quilt sandwich is more “livel​y” than with the cotton batting. I must use more pins in ​the ​next sandwich.


  5. Clara says:

    Very beautiful quilt. Let us know about the wool batting…if it’s easy to quilt, if it’s really warmer than cotton…I want to try it, too!
    I also like very much you design process in the other post. Thank for share.


    • barbora says:

      Clara, thanks for visiting! The wool wadding is thicker and not as stable in the quilt sandwich as the cotton one. I wi​ll write about my experience with quilting on a normal sewing machine.


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