no quilting in sight

Well, I think my sewing machine is getting rusty, just standing on the table for the last six weeks with no movement at all. In the meantime I went to visit my mum in Prague and also visit the Prague Patchwork Meeting. I go there for several years now, but I haven’t seen the event so full like this year. I was trying to take some photos of the wonderful quilts on display, but after a while I gave up. It was totally impossible to take an “only quilt” photo. Visitor crowds were found in all sections of the location, well distributed between the quilt exposition, fabric and template shops or stands with sewing and quilting machines. This time I had a close look on the Bernina stand. I  got detailed information about the high end sewing machines and could try my sewing and quilting skills. What a luxury, something to dream about! I think I must start saving for a Bernina 770 QE.

The Easter here in Spain was very cold and extremely rainy. But I was lucky to attend a golden wedding anniversary in Germany and we had the most beautiful Easter weather since years. The few days I spent near Bonn were a real retreat.

Two weeks ago I went to Alicante to visit a patchwork exhibition of the clubs in the Alicante, Murcia and Valencia regions. It was located in the old building of the Alicante railway station. So many nice quilts to admire and there were also about 20 fabric and patchwork shops. In the center there were tables and chairs so that the clubs could spend a day together working on craft and sewing projects.

alicante quilts collage - skalabara quilts

alicante quilts come together - skalabara quilts

alicante - skalabara quilts

alicante 3 - skalabara quilts

alicante 2 - skalabara quilts

Hopefully  next time I can share with you some new sewing or quilting projects!

barbora  flower small skalabara quilts

8 comments on “no quilting in sight

  1. Elizabeth E. says:

    That exhibit in Spain must have been a real treat. So many beautiful quilts in your blog post, so I can only imagine how many more you saw in person. Do they have places for non-Club members to come and sew? Or is it only for those who belong.

    I know what you mean about getting quilt photos. At our local show (put on once a year in January), I’ve learned the best times to see the quilts, and try to go then. But if you are traveling to a show, it’s not always possible. I hear the show in Japan is the biggest crush!

    (PS. I don’t often return to a post after leaving a comment, so if you want me to respond, please email the comment. Thanks!)

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  2. Looks like you saw some gorgeous patchwork during your sewing break travels!

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  3. knitnkwilt says:

    Sounds like a great creative break from sewing. Looking forward to seeing new projects. 🙂


    • barbora says:

      Thanks, even though I have two quilts to finish my sewing room, I am serious with this sewing break. But in my head I have ideas – need something to do in my August holidays.

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  4. snarkyquilter says:

    What a lovely venue in Alicante. I feel your pain about all those pesky spectators who get in the way of the good photo.


    • barbora says:

      Thanks for visiting! I always like going to Alicante, it is such a nice city situated directly on the Med coast.


  5. Rosemaryflower says:

    WOWWWW This looks so so very exciting and inspiring. I know you had a good time, and I know you “made notes” about new projects!


    • barbora says:

      Yes, I did some “make notes”, specially of the EPP quilts. A good project for long winter evenings. Thanks for visiting!


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