Halfway through and still thinking of more patchwork

Last Monday I had my third chemo in the day hospital. This means that I am halfway through. After the fourth chemo a test shall be done if the cancer is gone, but anyway 2 more chemos needed to complete the entire cycle. Each chemo is seven hours and during this session I have enough time to think about new patchwork projects. With my new iPhone I can do some web surfing and look for brand new modern fabrics. A really nice website shop for patchwork fabrics is : Hawthorne Threads .

Over the last few weeks I have done some sewing work that I would like to show:

Strubbel got a new patchwork wall hanging behind his mat. This is more a practical solution for not painting the wall every year. I am not sure if he is fond of it, but for me it was an interesting  new type of patchwork with free hand piecing –  also called improvisational. And using a new style of quilting technique – free motion machine quilting with a darning foot.

The other smaller project was finishing 2 more pillow covers from the orange series for our lounge. This time they are finished with bows instead of a zipper.  A bow can be a nice extra decoration on the pillow cover that I want to use more for new projects.

And to finish definitely my orange fabrics I decided to make some pot holders. These were inspired by Malka Dubrawsky and published in her new book Fresh Quilting. Alternatively you can visit her website : a stitch in dye. This is also one of my favourite blogs for her wonderful feeling and combination of strong bright colors.


Last year I bought some fabrics that are still waiting for a project – this one is on the way :

Castle Peeps from Lizzy House

The top, batting and quilt backing are basted together and prepared for quilting. I prefer to use special safety pins for quilters (with a curve) instead of glueing the three layers together. The glue works well when using the walking foot of your sewing machine for straight line quilting. But with free motion quilting I made the experience with uneven stitches and a feeling that the needle gets “stuck” on the glue and can not work properly.


Till next time, hopefully with some new ideas, Barbora