Stash converted into a patchwork top

So, I have been busy over the weekend. Due to nice weather, I decided to do some spring garden work. I had a few (i.e. many) pots that either needed new plants or replanting and plant dividing. This was my activity on Friday and Saturday afternoon, but now I am through. Sunday was just about relaxing in the sun – my muscles were aching, as since starting the chemo I am not exercising too much. Well, pots and soil can be really heavy!!

OK, Patchwork is for me also a relaxing activity. So I distributed all individual blocks and  finished today piecing the top. The quilt sandwich is prepared for pinning.  I must still think about the quilting pattern, but it will be most definitely with straight lines.

I am quit happy with the result, but it needs a few more hours to finish it.

Happy stitching, Barbora