The Blue “Castle Peeps” Period is Over

After putting away the fabric rests of CASTLE PEEPS, I decided to finish them off and sew some pillow covers to match the baby quilts. No more fabric storing – well I do have some bright new stuff on stock,  so why should I not use the old one.

I had a good time with the final design, distributing and redistributing all of the small pieces and laying them into the right place. I think all four covers came out nicely and all of them have a unique touch. I have enjoyed quilting them, this was very good practice for straight lines.

They are listed on my shops : Dawanda and Etsy

Anyway today was a busy day : Saturday is street market in Almoradi and I am a regular veggie and fruit shopper there.  I go with my best friend Erin and a nice cup of coffee always finishes  the shopping “stress”. I have bought a lot of strawberries and shall be cooking jam either today evening or Sunday morning.  With a touch of ripe mangos and some aromatic herbs.

Looking forward to use on of my new stash – wonder which one comes first under the cutter !!

A real heat wave hit us today – the temperature went up to 36°C IN THE SHADE !!! HOT, HOT, HOT, the house is still cool, so that is why I am on the computer, enjoy your weekend, Barbora