Lazy May

The time is running – we nearly have half of May through and I am regenerating after my 6th and hopefully last chemo. I had it on the 29th of April – same day as the royal wedding in the UK – so it is a date to remember. My previous PET scan was OK, cancer in remission and my next medical appointment is mid July.

I did some work on the Innocent Crush quilt, but there is still much more quilting remaining than there is finished. Never mind, I am not in a hurry and nobody can take this work from me. Here a detail of the part already done :

In between I also got a year older and one of the gifts I received was a silver Pandora bracelet. It looked really naked without any charms, so I decided to change this and got a few of them. Here my first charms in the collection :

I’ll be definitely looking for some more nice charms in light blue. This can become an obsession, the internet is full of inspiration. Today whilst drinking coffee with my colleagues in our favorite cafeteria I even bought a scratch card from the ONCE Foundation. Here you can win a nice amount of money and at the same time you can support the blind in Spain, but it was not my day. Well I got 2 small refunds that I immediately reinvested, but after 3 more scratch cards no money was left over.

But there were even more presents that I received : a beautiful orchid plant, chocolate and Champagne from my dear friend Erin. Chocolate was gone within 2 days (very nice), Champagne had to wait for some time in the fridge untill all medication was over. It was really smooth and I enjoyed each and every sip of it !! The orchid is “smiling” at me every day from the window sill. I must take a picture for the blog to show the wonderful color it has.

Hubby Helmut went with me to a large department store in Elche and I decided that I desperately need a new shirt with blue and white stripes. So I got one and I am happy about it.

These are about all the news, hope you enjoyed reading, Barbora