Nine Patch Block Variations Or Red Bird Baby Quilt

Quilt Design

Thinking about what could be my next project I saw some nice nine patch quilts on the internet. This inspired me not only to work with a classical nine patch block, but also with some variations. Nine patch blocks are easy to sew, versatile and so a right choice for beginners. With these blocks you can check (and practice) your exact fabric cutting, sewing skills and pressing. Chain piece using 1/4” seam allowance throughout the project.

You can always alternate the size according to your needs : divide the finished block size by three and add 0,5” seam allowance to each cut square.

Sit down and think about the finished quilt, which block type you fancy, what are your favorite colours. Make a drawing, use your color pencils and start cutting.

Fabric choice

I used my favorite colors orange, pink and turquoise. To complete the palette I decided to integrate also some purple hues.

Go for your favorite shades, use solids and don’t be afraid to use strong colors. You can opt for a patchwork fabric designer collection (with matched colours) or just use your stash.

Nine Patch Block Variations

Cutting diagram is for a finished block size 6” square

Block A
Cut 4        2,5” x 2,5”     Light Turquoise
Cut 2        2,5” x 2,5”     Orange
Cut 1        2,5” x 6,5”     Orange

Block B
Cut 4        2,5” x 2,5”     Dark Turquoise
Cut 4        2,5” x 2,5”     Pink
Cut 1        2,5” x 2,5”     Dark Purple

Block C (is basically a Log Cabin)
Cut 1        2,5” x 2,5”     Light Green
Cut 2        2,5” x 2,5”     Light Purple
Cut 2        2,5” x 6,5”     Light Purple

Block D
Cut 1        2,5” x 6,5”     Dark Turquoise
Cut 1        2,5” x 6,5”     Light Purple
Cut 1        2,5” x 6,5”     Yellow

Block E
Cut 1        2,5” x 6,5”     Light Purple
Cut 1        2,5” x 4,5”     Orange
Cut 1        2,5” x 4,5”     Light Turquoise
Cut 1        2,5” x2,5”      Yellow

Block F
Cut 1        2,5” x 4,5”     Dark Turquoise
Cut 1        2,5” x 2,5”     Dark Turquoise
Cut 1        2,5” x 4,5”     Light Green
Cut 1        2,5” x 2,5”     Light Green
Cut 3        2,5” x 2,5”     Orange

Calculation example for a finished block size 9” square
Cut all squares                     3,5” x 3,5”
Cut smaller rectangles     3,5” x 6,5”
Cut larger rectangles        3,5” x 9,5”


Chain piece the units row by row together, press seams open. Pin the rows together, check that the seams match and piece, press seams open.
Check the block size : 6,5 x 6,5”, trim if needed.

Arrange the blocks randomly row by row. Use your design wall or distribute the blocks on the floor to overlook the quilt design. Rearrange pieces till you are happy with the colour distribution and sew together.

So this is it ………… finished quilt top. Now prepare the quilt sandwich, give the quilting pattern an other thought and you are nearly there.  Cut stripes for binding and your quilt is now finished!!

Why Red Bird? Wait for the next post, untill then Barbora