MINI pattern

Over the last week I have worked on the computer to design a MINI pattern on one sheet of paper. This provides a photo and basic information about each quilt. The pattern is divided in 4 standard sections :

  1. fabric requirements
  2. cuttings instructions
  3. making the block
  4. quilt assembly diagram

MINI patterns for some of the quilts I made :

Floating Colors 8 – pdf file

Floating Colors 15 – pdf file

Abstract Dreams – log cabin block pdf file

Please be free and leave a comment about the MINIs, I would be happy to hear from you!!


2 comments on “MINI pattern

  1. I think Floating Colors 8 is the answer to my need for a fast (or kind of) baby quilt. I want to use bright solids and I think your arrangement will bring a smile to everyone in the nursery. I’m off to survey my stash.


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