morning sky and some extraterrestrials in my garden

Just before I have packed the suitcase to go to visit family in Germany, I have seen some extraterrestrials hanging on the wooden pergola in front of our house. Well, maybe they are not exactly extraterrestrials, but the look weird. I assume they are hatched cicadas. At the moment the cicadas are very active and very loud. When I want to have a nice siesta nap on the terrace, I definitely need some ear plugs to survive there. Sometimes the cat plays with the cicadas or he puts them in his mouth. I think he loves the subtle vibrations on his tongue.

And I have one more photo to share : impression of early morning sky when I went out to walk the dog. The view was dramatic – but the clouds and sunrise were in a perfect harmony.

morning glory


Thanks for stopping, be back in a weeks time, Barbora


2 comments on “morning sky and some extraterrestrials in my garden

  1. Laura Lynn says:

    Wow, nice morning photo. You inspire me to get up and try to take some a.m shots but I have to say, if I saw one of those ‘extraterrestrials’ I might wake the neighborhood up screaming. (I’m not afraid of small bugs, it’s the big ones that get me.)


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