short quilting vacation

It has been some time since my last post. I have set aside the cutter, needle, thread and sewing machine and made a short quilting vacation. We have such wonderful weather here in Spain, warm but not too hot, sunny everyday and clear skies. I just want to enjoy the warm sunbeams before autumn takes over. So why stay inside and work? Why not enjoy my free time outside with the doggy or reading a nice book on the terrace?

early morning end september -

early morning end september #2 -

early morning in october -

Swallows are long-distance migrants. They are now preparing for a long journey to Africa where they spend the winter and come back to Europe in the spring. New moon in the background.

swallows and new moon -

swallows -


Anyway, I did sew a bit. As I am visiting my Mom in 2 weeks time and I was preparing some quilting presents. Now a very big thank to Teje from Nero’s Post and Patch – her Bird on my Pillow was a great inspiration to make presents for 3 little girls in Prague, daughters of my cousins.

three little birds

And not to forget the two boys. For them I have made airplane pillows. I made them without paper piecing, but used some fabrics before everything matched. The yellow airplane was my first attempt, the second one has better proportions (from my point of view).


I would like to round-up this post with a quote I found on a coffee sugar and freely translated from Spanish :

There are only 2 days when you cannot do anything – one is yesterday and the other is tomorrow. Today is the day to live and enjoy!

So happy sewing, quilting, living, …………. Barbora


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7 comments on “short quilting vacation

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  2. Those planes are too awesome for words! Looks like you had some great time off! Now, get to work! 🙂


  3. Teje says:

    Hi Barbora! I’m so happy to see your pillows – they are adorable! Thank you for linking to my blog!
    Your photos are most beautiful and the weather must be very much same like here. It has been some days even too hot but mostly very nice warm autumn. That quote from sugar is the best – we should remember that every day! Enjoy your sunshine! x Teje


    • skalabara says:

      Hello Teje, you live on the east side of the Med, me on the west side so we have more or less the same climate and weather.
      Once more : your idea for the bird is absolutely brilliant. I am happy you like your birds on my pillows!
      I am a bit into quotes and the mentioned one is my favorite at the moment. Have a nice weekend, x Barbora


  4. Beautiful photos, Barbora! God sure made a gorgeous sky. Love to see the birds on the wire and those sweet ones on the pillows, too. The airplanes are equally cute!


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