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Yesterday evening I have arrived back home from Prague. The weather there was warm for this time of year, Thursday and Friday the thermometer climbed even up to 17ºC (62F). Last year there was snow in the streets. We had some short showers, but I had to get out the umbrella only once. Here in Spain we have a stable weather condition since many weeks with clear skies and sunshine. The other day I read in the newspaper that we have had the warmest October since about 120 years. Nevermind the weather : there is no bad weather – it all depends on what you are wearing.

Here a few impressions from Prague 2 – Namesti Miru (Peace Square) with the neo gothic church of St. Ludmila and Vinohrady Theatre:

church of st. ludmila prague 2 - skalabara.com

namesti miru prague 2 - skalabara.com

namesti miru prague 2 - skalabara.com

Nearby the square you can find the old market hall (and before a factory) – today wonderfully restored and converted into a shop with designer furniture. Name : Vinohradska Trznice, found on the web under Pavilon.


Before going on my trip I was happy to make some photos of starlings on the move. I haven´t seen before so may birds in the air, very impressive.

starlings on the move - skalabara.com

starlings on the move - skalabara.com

All photos taken with my iPhone 4. Hope I shall have some time for sewing and that my next post shall be about a new quilt (who knows), anyway thanks for stopping,


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  1. Laura Lynn says:

    Looks like a very nice trip. Lovely photographs, as always!


  2. I visited Prague back in 2007. Such a beautiful city. I distinctly remember it being absolutely freezing!


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