my dog and living in civilization

I am still taking some time of from quilting to get my brand new toy (mac and ipad) into the right shape. Nevertheless I do go dog walking every morning. Sometimes I see motifs that I want to capture with my camera. My dog is always a favorite :

strubbel - catalan sheepdog -


The other morning I took a look around myself and I saw all the things that come with a modern life :  masts for electricity cables or mobile phone antennas and graffiti. This all is part of our lives, the price we pay for civilization and communication. The landscapes change, more and more man-made elements take over the nature.

living with mobile phones -

iving with electricity -

graffiti, dog and myself -


But I love the area where we live – it is near the Mediterranean sea, with mild climate in the winter, hardly any industry with pollution and 3 bigger cities half an hour away by car.

Enjoy your weekend, thanks for stopping, Barbora

5 comments on “my dog and living in civilization

  1. Laura Lynn says:

    Your dog, Strubbel, has such a jolly face, he looks like a real darling! I live close to a big city too. Only on an island about 1/2 hour away from Seattle. It’s nice to look out some nights and see all the lights from the city glowing or watch the ferry go by…and I am here on the beach – with my iPad- ahhhhh, the wonders of technology.


    • skalabara says:

      I suppose you live in a beautiful countryside, with a lot of green surrounding you. Here it gets really “brown” burnt in the summer. We do not have the classical seasons here – the nature is more or less the same the whole year around.
      Having a lot of fun with my ipad (and still learning)!


      • Laura Lynn says:

        Yes, it is very green here. The whole Pacific Northwest is a temperate rain forest. Very beautiful. No one here minds the rain much, even the gray days are lovely. But nevertheless it’s not always gloomy here. I grew up in Southern California so I know about the brown summers but to tell the truth I really miss the deserts.
        I love my iPad! It’s great for working when you are outside. Although I always carry a small real pad
        of paper just in case inspiration strikes. I hear there are apps that allow you to draw but I haven’t tried any of them. Have a great day!


  2. Can’t beat the company of a canine companion!


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