santini’s architecture in western bohemia

During my last visit to Prague I went with my Mum on a day trip through western Bohemia to see some works of the architect Jan Santini Aichel (1677 – 1723). All the sites we have visited are very impressing, specially knowing that the author is nearly 300 years dead. The ground plans of this baroque architect show many star variations.

First stop was at Hubenov visiting a farm-house that is in private hands. The owners started with the restoration work with lot of enthusiasm and patience.

santini - hubenov 1

santini - hubenov 2

Our second stop was at Marianska Tynice – a pilgrimage site near the monastery in Plasy.

santini - mariansaka tynice view

santini - marianska tynice collage

In a small village Mladotice we visited a chapel.

santini - mladotice

The interesting thing about this chapel is that the exterior and interior perimeters are the same. The outside walls are very smooth, but in the interior the walls follow a star pattern.


The last stop was at the monastery in Kladruby. Very impressing, the church is a real hidden gem.

santini - kladruby church

santini - kladruby church detail

santini - kladruby collage

Hope you have enjoyed a photo visit to the architectural treasures of western Bohemia and maybe one day, you shall visit them personally.

Thanks for stoping, Barbora

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  1. LaVagabonde says:

    Beautiful photos. Now I have some more ideas of places to visit during the weekends. 🙂


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