unicorn #2 cushion cover

When my husband’s niece Andrea saw a photo of the unicorn cushion cover for Kate, she revealed that she also loves unicorns. This was shouting for one more unicorn project! Since my paper piecing skills got better, I decided that I need a more challenging unicorn pattern. So I got on the web and found a unicorn pattern with more pieces – designed by Robynie from Robynieland.

rainbow unicorn 2 - skalabara quilts

I had the pattern a few days just on the computer before I had the right spirit to start with the project. The only question I asked Andrea, was what color she would like for the background. Andrea went for turquoise to match her other cushions and decoration elements in her lounge.

rainbow unicorn 1 - skalabara quilts

I have used fabrics from the 2016 collection designed by Alison Glass – the same as for the “Et Dömsche” placemats.

Once the piecing was done I had to decide on the quilting design. At the moment I prefer quilting with the walking foot and thought that quilting each color of the mane and face separately would underline the fabulous unicorn design. I got out my box with the quilting threads and selected the matching colors.

rainbow unicorn back 1 - skalabara quilts

All threads used are either Gütermann Sulky Cotton 30 or King Tut quilting thread from Superior Threads.

rainbow unicorn detail 1 - skalabara quilts

rainbow unicorn detail 2 - skalabara quilts

rainbow unicorn detail 3 - skalabara quilts

And a few detail photos from the back :

rainbow unicorn back detail 1 - skalabara quilts

rainbow unicorn back detail 2 - skalabara quilts

rainbow unicorn back detail 3 - skalabara quilts

I was so keen to send the unicorn cushion cover and the “Et Dömsche” placemats that I forgot to take photos of the finished cushion cover. I have used the turquoise solid fabric also for the back and I have quilted with straight lines using the walking foot.

Thanks for stopping and happy quilting

barbora flower small skalabara quilts


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  1. Susan says:

    Wow! He’s awesome! You’re quilting really accents him nicely – well done!


  2. Jayne says:

    I love this unicorn! Your quilting is so perfect for it too! I always love seeing the back with all the beautiful thread colors!


  3. basildonkitchens says:

    Wow – that turned out in spectacular fashion. Good job. 😊💖

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  4. Barbora, the cushion is stunning! I’m sure your niece will love it 🙂


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