tri bull block – paper piecing

More foundation paper piecing going on this year. When I saw this block on Craftsy (update 15th Oct 2019 – Craftsy does not exist anymore), I thought that the design is so pure and modern. And as I live in Spain, a bull would be the perfect addition to all the other quilted animal blocks I have made. Many thanks to Jo from Unicornharts for the pattern.

tri bull paper piecing block - skalabara quilts

As first I pieced the block on the right  (the one with the fly on it), just grabbed a few favourite Kona Solids from the box and started sewing. The pattern is straight forward with easy to follow instructions. I took the colours from the staple top to bottom, without any plan. I do like the way the block turned out, but was not happy with the colour order. So I went to plan B and though more about the colour design. Instead of 5 colours as on the right, I added one more hue and placed the colors in a graduating order.

tri bull paper piecing block 1 - skalabara quilts

Capture of the block back :

tri bull paper piecing block back 1 - skalabara quilts

tri bull paper piecing block back 2 - skalabara quilts

Instead of glueing to paper pieces together, I prefer to sew them together with the machine – see right side. Before I sew the individual pieces together, I tear off the paper on the seam. This makes it easier to press the seams (normally) open.

An detailed photos of the block:

tri bull paper piecing block detail 1 - skalabara quilts

tri bull paper piecing block detail 2 - skalabara quilts

As next I have to decide how to finish the blocks – both on the final block size and the quilting.

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9 comments on “tri bull block – paper piecing

  1. Rachel says:

    Very pretty! Love the bold colors!

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  2. cheriec12 says:

    Just gorgeous!!


  3. Cathy says:

    I love this bull! He is so abstract and fun! Your second attempt is brighter! What a great eye you have for the colors! Perfect!

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  4. Susan says:

    Isn’t that fun! Great block!

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  5. Lisa says:

    Both blocks are lovely but the second does have more pizzaz. It’s a great pattern

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