Volcano excitement and the colour grey

Just days before my scheduled trip to Prague to visit my parents an Icelandic volcano came back to life. Hopefully this time the chaos up in the air will not last for a long time.   A year ago in April I got trapped in the Prague and had to wait a few days to fly back home to Spain.

This time I am exited to see the city in all the different spring greens and enjoy the radiant colors of flower blossoms and of course also some sunbeams. My last visit was  half a year ago in December and the landscape had just one prevailing colour : white. Masses of snow and ice and all this mixed with grey clouds in the sky. But a combination of all these colors would make a nice patchwork. After all, it is an idea that I should follow. A white/black combination underlined with various grey shades. The longer I think about it, I must have a look on some greyish patchwork fabrics and think of a corresponding pattern. Please make your own judgement about the monotonous hues :

This is the view my parents have from their house. They overlook a big part of central Prague including the large Petrin Park and its mini copy of the Eifel Tower.

At the 2010 Prague Patchwork Exhibition I bought an interesting book with patchwork patterns. The colour schemes were carefully selected according to diverse photos. For my next post I’ll take photos of the book and give the more details about the author and name. I think it is an interesting idea and it can make a decision for a color scheme a bit easier.

The plan for my next project : look at all these wonderful white/grey/black fabrics and just go for it !!


P.S.: Working hard on the Bazaar Style quilt, all is pinned and also the first quilting stitches are done!!

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