The heat wave is here

Every cold winter I am looking forward to the heat and sun in the summer. But of course when it comes, I am also happy that we have a powerful air-conditioning in the house.

It has been some time since I came back from my visit to Prague. I haven’t been really into sewing. Just made 2 pillow covers with a Dresdner plate theme so that I do not forget how the sewing machine works.

We had also a friend from Holland staying with us for a week. Martein and me went for a nice days trip to the nearby Sierra Espuna that is situated near the town of Murcia. It has a wonderful, nearly undestroyed nature. The day was overcast – but this was ideal for hiking. We made a small tour to a viewpoint :

Last Saturday I went to visit a small craft show in San Juan. This was a nice change and I met some interesting people. But in July and August in Spain the clock stops to work and everything and everyone goes into the summer sleep (at least in the Alicante region). Beach, Med, water and ice cream are more important than business. Summer is fun, serious work can wait for later.

But nonetheless I have started with a new quilt, once more with bright colours. The top is finished and I need to buy some more batting and fabric for the reverse. This time it will be a nice solid fabric combined with a few colorful triangle blocks or just plain stripes.

Pin Wheels So these are all news for now, Barbora

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  1. Claudia says:

    What an interesting site. Must come and visit more often.
    The colours are just brilliant!!!!


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