Blanket “Mice For Dog” and a New Window Decoration are Finished

Instead of writing a long article about my last projects, I think a few photos can tell you more : Mice For Dog finished

Mice for Dog

Not only the dog enjoys laying on his quilt, but also the cat. It even enters the dog’s crate to take a little nap !! This can get a bit critical when both animals are inside – Strubble just ignores the cat and sits on it.

I had 2 reasons for working on the next project : 1)  We are having a friend coming next week to stay with us and the 2) reason is that I wanted to try something new : applications. So I decided to go on with a small window decoration project for the spare bedroom. The idea was a design matching the new curtains I bought lately at IKEA in Murcia. Just loved the white fabric with black prints of birds and trees :

And finally finished : all applications are sewn with a zigzag stitch and the rest is free-motion quilted with a meander design. This time the binding follows the quilt colour combination and is divided in white and black sections.

Black and white variations

I’ll be out with my friend for a few days visiting Valencia and afterwards I am going to see my parents in Prague. Be back mid October when fall has already taken over!!


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