my orchids and a new top “avenue loop”

This week was once more filled with some surprises – not only that the painters came, but I have also received all the books I ordered from Amazon. I am fully smitten, love them and I am a proud new owner of these wonderful books.

Let me list all titles, one after the other:

  1. Elizabeth Hartman : Modern Patchwork – 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics
  2. Transparency Quilts : 10 Modern Projects by Weeks Ringel and Bill Kerr
  3. Modern Quilting Designs .: 90+ Free-Motion Inspirations
  4. Free Motion Quilting with Angela Waters : Choose and Use Quilting Designs on Modern Quilts

Especially #4 was very inspiring for me. I have done some FMQ but a few new hints always make life easier. I have found some new ideas and some other information about quilting threads. The threads are already on their way down to Spain and I am looking forward to work with them. Well, I  live here in a quilting “desert” and any kind of literature and information is warmly welcome.

In the meantime I have started with a new quilt “Avenue Loop” with fabric that I have ordered some time ago. It is a FQ collection of Freshcut from Heather Bailey. It has sat some time in the closet and I finally got an idea for a new quilt. Here a small detail  :

Also a few snapshots of my orchids :

and blossom in Spain :

This all for now, have a good time and thanks for stopping, Barb

3 comments on “my orchids and a new top “avenue loop”

  1. Snap! I’ve just received 4 quilting books from Amazon too 🙂 I had a gift voucher to spend so I made the most of it. I like the way you are using crisp white to accent all of the other colours. And those orchids oooooh! Lucky you, to have a summer. The UK is a total washout! Avis x


    • skalabara says:

      Just read that about your trapped nerve in the shoulder. Get well soon so that you can start quilting!! In the meantime you can read all those books you’ve received.
      A bit of rain would be nice for us – can’t you send us some from the north?


      • Thanks Barbora 🙂 I wouldn’t send this weather to anyone. I know we are obsessed with the weather in the UK, but seriously, the rain has got to stop soon!


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