visiting prague and some new stash

This week I am in Prague where I am visiting my parents. The weather is very different to the one we had in Spain, i.e. hot and sunny. Here we have it all – hot and cold, sun and rain. Anyway, the parks are nice and green, a lot of flowers in blossom. Restaurants and cafes have the chairs outside and it is always a pleasure to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on the terrace.

This is newly opened restaurant just around the corner from my parents.

I have also spent some  money on quilting threads and fabrics. Here the first lot I got :

There are more fabrics in my wonder basket, mostly solids. But the photos I took today were not good – because of the rainy weather we have at the moment, everything is just too dull. And my internet connection is slow and I have no patience to wait so long for an upload.

Till next time, Barbora

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  1. Lovely fabrics 🙂 Have a wonderful time Barbora! Avis x


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