finished – radiate quilt

Summer of quilt finishes : yes, I have one quilt less from my to-do-list. Radiate quilt, that I have started way back in February, is now all done. This post is about work in progress.

radiate quilt backing 5 - skalabara quilts

For this quilt I have used different solids from my stock, mostly Kona fabrics. Background is in white and the accent color is a deep warm purple.

radiate quilt 1 - skalabara quilts

I quilted this top with the walking foot, following the block seams with a straight stich. I am not a friend of dense over all quilting, so I am happy with the result. Stitch in the ditch isn’t my favourite technique. Here I need more sewing practice to “bury” the stitches in the seam.

radiate quilt detail 7 - skalabara quilts

I have used for the backing the rest of the black and white duvet cover from IKEA with butterflies and beetles.

radiate quilt backing 2 - skalabara quilts
radiate quilt backing 3 - skalabara quilts

A few more shots of the quilt. The late afternoon sun had the right brightness to show the beauty and the colours of this quilt.

radiate quilt 4 - skalabara quilts
radiate quilt 3 - skalabara quilts
radiate quilt 5 - skalabara quilts

The binding is in a mustard shade, the same solid that is also in the blocks.

radiate quilt binding 2 - skalabara quilts
radiate quilt binding 2 - skalabara quilts
radiate quilt detail 2 - skalabara quilts
radiate quilt detail 6 - skalabara quilts
radiate quilt 2 - skalabara quilts

Quilt size :  54″ x 74″

Wadding : 80% – 20% cotton – polyester Bosal Acadia in Autumn

Quilting thread : Mettler Quilting 40 – color 4 Natural

Stay tuned to more quilt finishings, happy quilting

barbora flower small skalabara quilts

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  1. Good strong colors and nice unfussy quilting that lets the colors shine.


  2. Rosemary B says:

    Barbora, this quilt is beautiful, The colors you chose and paired make this a vibrant treasure!!!

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  3. Yleniaely says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!! 😍♥️

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  4. Sharon Carrier says:


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